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Mont Ventoux was the subject of the last chapter. This one is very connected because on another day we skirted the southern flank of the mountain then  drove up to the peak from the city of Sault. First, we drove south to Carpentras from Vaison-la-Romaine  then east along the D942 through the Gorges des Nesque. The photos below show some highlights of that stunning serpentine route.

The cliff-side road snakes up to 300 metres above the small Nesque River. The canyon road is popular with cyclists who do not want the steep grades of Mont Ventoux. The more motorcycles that whizzed by us, the more my partner and I pined for our own. There are so many twisties and hairpins on these 20 kilometres of road, we felt that sport bikes would be better suited than our big cruisers. They remain stored in our garage back home in Canada.

The cliffs across the road from us are honeycombed with caves. To get a closer look, I zoomed in with the camera.

Much to my surprise when viewing the pictures later that evening, I found that one of the caves was a shelter for goats. I could not see them in the camera viewfinder even though I'd used the full telephoto.

The goats also explained the many small zigzag trails we had seen up the sides of the steep hillsides.

We lunched in Sault. The photos below were taken from our table at the restaurant. The food was not great. Sometimes you get what you pay for. We chose a very inexpensive plate. But the view made up for it!

What a site this would be had we passed through here in late July. These are lavender fields. Around every bend in the road on this high plateau are more fields of lavender. But all we see in the fall are row upon row of pruned bushes.

bouquet de lavendre 2.50 €

Can you say this word?
It means Hardware.

More to test the reader's French:

What do Yves and Virginie sell in their store?
How about cheese and spices? Yves is probably a butcher. One can buy delicatessen products here. 
He and Virginie also do catering.

the Blue House Art Gallery

The Nougat Master doesn't really translate well but they sure make a lot of yummy sweets.

At least, that's what Colleen called them, as she looked down into the Gorge. 

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